What is TASTEit?

TASTEit is a special water bottle that uses technology to infuse amazing flavors into the lid which enhances the smell and taste of water. When water tastes great we drink more. The more we drink the healthier we are. Drink more, stay healthy, save the earth!





TASTEit Health harnesses advanced aroma and taste technologies in reusable drinkware to enhance the taste experience of plain water, and decrease the use of single use plastics.

  • A Healthy Alternative
  • Live a Healthy Lifestyle, drink more water!
  • No More Boring Water
  • Hydrate Naturally
  • ECO-Friendy – reduce plastic consumption


“Tasteit Health” was the inspiration of Brooke Mills, mother of twins, health enthusiast, and long-term guest host on a leading TV shopping network. While aware of the many benefits of drinking water, instead of unhealthy beverages containing sugar, artificial sweeteners, and preservatives, Brooke disliked drinking plain, boring water. Her years of experience selling products on TV exposed her to new water bottles, but none solved her problem.

Recently Brooke brought together ScentSational Technologies and CDI International to make TASTEit Health a reality. Both companies are leaders in their field: ScentSational, founded in 1997 leads the industry in developing, patenting and licensing scented product and packaging technologies; CDI International has designed, manufactured, and sold over 275 million drinkware products since 1993. Together, the TASTEit Health Team spent several years developing TASTEit4Water, the first water bottle that makes water taste sweet and lightly fruit-flavored.

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TASTEit is exciting because of the great technology that makes drinking water more fun and better-tasting while saving the world. Watch and learn how to enjoy drinking more water.


Water is the key to good health. We all know we should be drinking more water, yet still, we don’t drink enough.  Let’s face it: plain water is tasteless and boring. TASTEit is the cure for boring water.

With ZERO Carbs, ZERO Calories, ZERO Preservatives, TASTEit has all-natural flavors and a great taste too!



Mixed Berry

Mandarin Orange

How TASTEit Works

Most of our sense of taste comes from our sense of smell. By using the power of aroma, and a sweet tip, TASTEit creates the perception that your water is lightly fruit flavored with a hint of sweet – WITHOUT introducing any additives to the water. It’s not Magic. It’s CRAZY GOOD SCIENCE!