Is TASTEit 100% safe?

Yes. TASTEit uses only FDA approved food grade flavors and all of our products are thoroughly tested by SGS, the world’s leading consumer product testing company.

How is the flavor added to the TASTEit lids?

The flavors are infused into the polymer structure of the lids and tips with a proprietary process developed after many years of research and development.

Why are TASTEit tips sweet?

The tip is made with a very small amount of artificial sweetener. During consumption the amount of sweetener consumed is significantly less than one would consume when drinking any diet soft drink. However, for those who do not like sweet, or artificial sweet, we include a free flavored, but non-sweet tip.

How long does the aroma last?

The aroma from the lid will start to slowly dissipate after it is removed from its protective packaging. People with an average sense of smell should expect the aroma taste effect to last approximately one month after opening, although many people find it lasts longer. Try the TASTEit Lid Replacement Program to ensure your experience is always the best it can be!

How is drinking water from TASTEit different from drinking regular flavored water?

If you read the ingredient labels of flavored water brands, you will see that most are water flavored with sweeteners such as sugar, high-fructose corn syrup or honey which contain calories. Other waters contain calorie-free artificial sweeteners which have other potential health risks and may eventually contribute to weight gain. TASTEit allows you to enjoy a sweet, lightly fruit flavored water naturally!

What flavors are currently available?

TASTEit is currently available in Lemon, Mandarin Orange, Mixed Berry and Peach. CONTACT US to let us know what new flavors you would like to try!

How do I clean TASTEit?

While TASTEit bottles are made of durable Tritan plastic, we still recommend washing by hand just to be safe.  Please make sure to hand wash only TASTEit’s lids: heat accelerates the release of the aroma, and will shorten the use time of the lid.

Is the product patented and what is the patent?

ScentSational has a Utility Patent Pending on a lid with sweet and aromatic flavor which TASTEit licenses. The manufacturing process is a trade secret.